[sword-devel] Problems to build SVN sword with clucene-core clucene-core-

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 21:04:23 MST 2011

> I've alsoo tried to build clucene 0.9.21b but get this error:
> checking whether arm-none-linux-gnueabi-g++ supports static const
> definitions in classes... configure: error: Cannot figure out how to write
> static consts in classes. Check the m4 script or upgrade your compiler
> Seems to be a problem with arm-none-linux-gnueabi-g++ (I don't have problems
> with the "normal" g++).

This is because clucene's configure script is too stupid to cross
compile properly. It is trying to do a test in which it needs to run
the resulting executable, but because you are cross-compiling it is
unable to run the executable. I worked around this problem by
hard-coding the m4 script in question (atm, I do not know which one it
is), running autogen.sh and then re-running configure. I believe I
just told it that it *does* support static const definitions, though I
have no idea if it's correct (on the positive side, the resulting
binary does work, at least on win32).


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