[sword-devel] Problems to build SVN sword with clucene-core clucene-core-

Matěj Cepl mcepl at redhat.com
Tue Aug 2 11:49:44 MST 2011

Dne 2.8.2011 14:54, Peter von Kaehne napsal(a):
> reading the log it appears your clucene is too old?
> ../src/modules/swmodule.cpp:1321: Warnung: »static
> lucene::store::FSDirectory*
> lucene::store::FSDirectory::getDirectory(const char*, bool,
> lucene::store::LockFactory*)« ist veraltet (deklariert bei
> /home/zefanja/Downloads/clucene_armv7/usr/local/include/CLucene/store/FSDirectory.h:76)

a) if it so, then ./configure should complain about it,
b) this is Fedora/Rawhide, if you accuse us of having too old stuff
(that would be clucene-core- then I don't know for
which OS sword is built for.

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