[sword-devel] Solved for me - was : osis2mod bug

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Jan 28 00:25:49 MST 2010

Jonathan Marsden wrote:
> Peter von Kaehne wrote:
>>> osis2mod.exe running in Windows XP can cause Windows Error Reports to be
>>> generated, that Windows wants to send to Microsoft.  ...
>> I think this is standard MS Windows response and beyond the control of
>> anyone.
> I think this is incorrect.  I can disable such error reporting in 
> Windows XP easily enough (Right-click on My Computer, Properties, 
> Advanced, Error Reporting).  In there, I can edit a list of programs 
> that do not report their errors to MS (or disable such reporting 
> system-wide). 

Thanks! This is very useful.


  I am fairly sure there is a corresponding API call to add
> programs to that list, or worst case a Registry key somewhere which 
> holds the info.
> If the end user (at least an end user with local admin privileges, I'm 
> not sure if an unprivileged user can change these settings) can do it, 
> most likely a programmer can do it too.  In which case, the Windows 
> installer for the SWORD utilities could disable such error reporting for 
> those utilities.
> Jonathan
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