[sword-devel] Solved for me - was : osis2mod bug

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Wed Jan 27 19:05:01 MST 2010

Peter von Kaehne wrote:

>> osis2mod.exe running in Windows XP can cause Windows Error Reports to be
>> generated, that Windows wants to send to Microsoft.  ...

> I think this is standard MS Windows response and beyond the control of
> anyone.

I think this is incorrect.  I can disable such error reporting in 
Windows XP easily enough (Right-click on My Computer, Properties, 
Advanced, Error Reporting).  In there, I can edit a list of programs 
that do not report their errors to MS (or disable such reporting 
system-wide).  I am fairly sure there is a corresponding API call to add 
programs to that list, or worst case a Registry key somewhere which 
holds the info.

If the end user (at least an end user with local admin privileges, I'm 
not sure if an unprivileged user can change these settings) can do it, 
most likely a programmer can do it too.  In which case, the Windows 
installer for the SWORD utilities could disable such error reporting for 
those utilities.


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