[sword-devel] Mac OSX Development Setup

Nic Carter niccarter at mac.com
Wed Jan 13 14:18:26 MST 2010

> Firstly, there is a free version of XCode available from the Apple website, which will likely be more up to date than the version that came with the OS. It's a big download (a gig or more) but worth it if you have the download pipe. Also, it updates through the built-in Software Updater for OS X I believe?

Yup, you can download it, but you can probably live with the one that came with the OS.  It doesn't update through the built-in Software Updater -- or, at least, it never has for me.
FYI, to grab the tools to develop for the iPhone, you also need to sign up for an iPhone developer account & download the "XCode with iPhone SDK" rather than the plain XCode.  It's free & you can compile apps and run them in the iPhone Simulator on your Mac.  However, you need to have a paid account to compile apps to actually run on a physical device (either iPhone or iPod touch).  That's what Ian and I have for PocketSword, but anyone (with a Mac and free iPhone dev account) can grab the PocketSword code from SVN and compile and run it in the Simulator.  :)

>> Gentoo on Mac (not sure where this is going or whether it still exists) which uses gentoo's tools around portage.

When Gentoo first came out for Mac it would install it's tools in /usr and overwrite the Apple supplied libs.  This is a Bad Idea (TM).  Now-a-days it may or may not, but when fink and MacPorts (which is DarwinPorts simply renamed) do the job great, I suggest you avoid Gentoo on Mac OS X.

thanks to the others who have added to what I said.  I hope that helps  :)

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