[sword-devel] Mac OSX Development Setup

David Bell david.benjamin.bell at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 08:29:11 MST 2010

As far as the options you are giving, I'm sure that they all work. But  
there is an option which I believe should work and is much easier. In  
version 2.0+ of MacSword Manfred did us all a huge favor and he  
bundled the different Sword tools compiled for the Mac. You can find  
them by right-clicking the MacSword app and following this path  
Contents:Resources:bin. There you will find the imp2gbs files which  
can be run through Terminal.

David Bell
El Jan 13, 2010, a las 10:18 PM, Nic Carter escribió:

>> Firstly, there is a free version of XCode available from the Apple  
>> website, which will likely be more up to date than the version that  
>> came with the OS. It's a big download (a gig or more) but worth it  
>> if you have the download pipe. Also, it updates through the built- 
>> in Software Updater for OS X I believe?
> Yup, you can download it, but you can probably live with the one  
> that came with the OS.  It doesn't update through the built-in  
> Software Updater -- or, at least, it never has for me.
> FYI, to grab the tools to develop for the iPhone, you also need to  
> sign up for an iPhone developer account & download the "XCode with  
> iPhone SDK" rather than the plain XCode.  It's free & you can  
> compile apps and run them in the iPhone Simulator on your Mac.   
> However, you need to have a paid account to compile apps to actually  
> run on a physical device (either iPhone or iPod touch).  That's what  
> Ian and I have for PocketSword, but anyone (with a Mac and free  
> iPhone dev account) can grab the PocketSword code from SVN and  
> compile and run it in the Simulator.  :)
>>> Gentoo on Mac (not sure where this is going or whether it still  
>>> exists) which uses gentoo's tools around portage.
> When Gentoo first came out for Mac it would install it's tools in / 
> usr and overwrite the Apple supplied libs.  This is a Bad Idea  
> (TM).  Now-a-days it may or may not, but when fink and MacPorts  
> (which is DarwinPorts simply renamed) do the job great, I suggest  
> you avoid Gentoo on Mac OS X.
> thanks to the others who have added to what I said.  I hope that  
> helps  :)
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