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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Wed Jan 13 09:19:35 MST 2010

Tóth Tamás wrote:
> Of course you might want to fall back to VC4 but than you can use only 
> WinCE 2002/2003 SDKs. WinMo 5 SDK and higher requires VisualStudio 
> .NET or newer. (
I've just gone back to what I was doing some two years ago when I was 
active on SwordReader.  I was using MS Embedded C++ 3 at the time.  That 
is no longer available, and Embedded C++ 4.0 is the only free offering 
for working with WinMo.  But I did get that to work and build stuff that 
was compatible with my WinMo 5  .....  maybe I wasn't using the latest 
SDK's but the ones I go seemed to work OK ....  Anyhow, as I'm not 
likely to put in any more work on the project except possible to advise 
and help ....  it doesn't matter.

Otherwise, you're going along nicely, and I will look forward to hearing 
what you come up with.  I do suggest that you join Sword Devel list though.

God bless,


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