[sword-devel] Schlachter 2000/Geneva Bible Society

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Thu Jan 7 11:38:19 MST 2010

Peter, this IS great news. I look forward to having the NGÜ.

When I was in contact with the Geneva Bible Society a few years ago, they were 
completely uninterested. :D

Thanks so much!


Am Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2010 18:22:05 schrieb Peter von Kaehne:
> Dear Friends,
> For a couple of days I have been hinting at being able to pass on soon
> some good news regarding new modules.
> Today the Geneva Bible Society has send me a contract regarding the
> Schlachter 2000.
> We will be able to distribute this very important modern German
> translation as a encrypted for-sale module just like the Hoffnung fuer
> Alle or the NET. The price mooted is a very reasonable one, no doubt
> contributed by the fact that we will not take any "cut" nor claim any
>  costs.
> Further than this I have been advised that more texts will follow this
> same agreement - notably the German NGUE, a modern French and a modern
> Italian one.
> Of course I am delighted.
> I think the work to internationalise the software and de-KJV-ify our
> versification systems is resulting in some  spectacular success.
> Finally I am in early but progressed discussions with a publisher for a
> modern Portuguese Bible - in effect the gist is agreed, but the details
> need to get hashed out.
> Please pray for the progression and conclusion of all these negotiations.
> Particular thanks should also go to one of our users, Mr Bruegmann who
> has initiated all this by asking in the right way the right person at
> the right time.
> Yours in Christ
> Peter von Kaehne
> P.S. The work on the actual module is progressing nicely. Nothing has so
> far challenged in a serious fashion my minimal Perl knowledge. I will
> probably pass it all on to one or two of you to get some input at some
> stage. Manfred has already offered his help.
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Bauplan des Lebens - längst im Gen entdeckt!
Die Wissenschaft ist stolz: Sie hat's gecheckt.
Nun ist der Bauplan als Beweis beliebt,
dass es den Architekten gar nicht gibt.

Wolf Rahn

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