[sword-devel] Schlachter 2000/Geneva Bible Society

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Jan 7 10:22:05 MST 2010

Dear Friends,

For a couple of days I have been hinting at being able to pass on soon
some good news regarding new modules.

Today the Geneva Bible Society has send me a contract regarding the
Schlachter 2000.

We will be able to distribute this very important modern German
translation as a encrypted for-sale module just like the Hoffnung fuer
Alle or the NET. The price mooted is a very reasonable one, no doubt
contributed by the fact that we will not take any "cut" nor claim any costs.

Further than this I have been advised that more texts will follow this
same agreement - notably the German NGUE, a modern French and a modern
Italian one.

Of course I am delighted.

I think the work to internationalise the software and de-KJV-ify our
versification systems is resulting in some  spectacular success.

Finally I am in early but progressed discussions with a publisher for a
modern Portuguese Bible - in effect the gist is agreed, but the details
need to get hashed out.

Please pray for the progression and conclusion of all these negotiations.

Particular thanks should also go to one of our users, Mr Bruegmann who
has initiated all this by asking in the right way the right person at
the right time.

Yours in Christ

Peter von Kaehne

P.S. The work on the actual module is progressing nicely. Nothing has so
far challenged in a serious fashion my minimal Perl knowledge. I will
probably pass it all on to one or two of you to get some input at some
stage. Manfred has already offered his help.

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