[sword-devel] OSIS variants

Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Thu Jan 7 13:27:44 MST 2010

I see that SWORD supports ThML variants very well, but I am trying to 
create a module with variants in OSIS. Consulting the wiki, I see that I 
should mark these up as follows:

<seg type="x-variant" subType="x-1"><w lemma="strong:H0318">הוצא</w></seg>
<seg type="x-variant" subType="x-2"><w lemma="strong:H3318">הַיְצֵ֣א</w></seg>

However, since there is no conf option for this, both variants show up 
in the text (Xiphos and BibleTime). This is the way the current WLC 
module displays the Ketiv/Qere readings, but I would like to produce a 
module that allows you to toggle between Ketiv/Qere readings. Is this a 
part of the engine that hasn't made it to the front-ends, or am I 
missing a conf file option (or just out to lunch)?


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