[sword-devel] Permission requested on

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Feb 4 02:28:21 MST 2010

DArio Matos wrote:

> Hehe, this brings back memories from 2004, when I was defending the old
> Almeida Atualizada module and Leandro, defending such module was a
> corrupt version of a registered translation. The mere doubt about its
> status was enough to take the module offline, though.

I think it was way more than simple doubt. The concern was that the
module was not the old PD text updated by some friendly person but a
ripped off version of a copyrighted text. In absence of a clear evidence
telling us who where when updated the text and produced it for us and
left - crucially - in the public domain we can not publish a text which
is otherwise likely to be nicked from somewhere.

> It is a shame that Sword still does not have a due portuguese Bible
> module since then...

I am in the process of producing a modern language (Iberian Portuguese)
module with ++ notes etc. It will be for sale by the publishers but it
will be worthwhile buying, I think. I will need a few more months though.

> Anyway, I take Aldo's words as mine, and as a brazilian lawyer I can
> tell he's right. And as a translation work owned by a publishing house,
> it would come into public domain 70 years after it was published. I'm
> pretty sure this fact was behind SBB's reasoning on publishing the
> updated text of the TB. Provided the original is taken, we could update
> the text and use it in Sword.

The problem here is that no one seems to own a original in electronic
format and no one has gone to the effort of updating it in a way we can
use it.

I understand there are some moves proofreading scans but I am not sure
how far they have progressed.


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