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I guess it is better to have Aldo's email duly translated from portuguese, so more people are involved into this:

"Hi, Leandro. I've read your contact with Mr. Teixeira from SBB. SBB cannot hold the rights from original 1917 TB, but only from the text they have updated themselves. Any person can, based upon TB, update the text and register such update. It is over such text that SBB hold rights upon; that is, only over the one they have updated; but the text per se, the original TB, don't. This is according to the law. Check it and you'll see it. Why do you think SBB DOES NOT hold rights upon the name
"Joao Ferreira de Almeida" concerning the Bibles? That is so because Almeida's translation is in public domain. SBB holds rights only over the text in which they have worked over. Nothing more.


Hehe, this brings back memories from 2004, when I was defending the old Almeida Atualizada module and Leandro, defending such module was a corrupt version of a registered translation. The mere doubt about its status was enough to take the module offline, though.

It is a shame that Sword still does not have a due portuguese Bible module since then...

Anyway, I take Aldo's words as mine, and as a brazilian lawyer I can tell he's right. And as a translation work owned by a publishing house, it would come into public domain 70 years after it was published. I'm pretty sure this fact was behind SBB's reasoning on publishing the updated text of the TB. Provided the original is taken, we could update the text and use it in Sword.

With warm regards,
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Ol?, Leandro. Li seu contato com o sr. Teixeira da SBB. A SBB n?o pode deter os direitos da TB original de 1917, mas apenas do texto que ela mesma atualizou. Qualquer pessoa pode, com base na TB, atualizar o texto e registrar essa atualiza??o. ? sobre esse texto que a SBB tem direito; ou seja, t?o-somente naquele que ela atualizou; mas o texto em si, o original da TB, ela n?o det?m nenhum direito. Essa ? a lei. Consulte e voc? ver?. Por que voc? acha que a SBB N?O det?m o nome "Jo?o Ferreira de Almeida" para as B?blias? Porque a tradu??o de Almeida ? de dom?nio p?blico. S? ? da SBB o texto no qual ela trabalhou. Nada mais.

Um abra?o.
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