[sword-devel] Paragraph markers (was: Re: osis2mod import issue )

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sat Jun 6 11:12:20 MST 2009

Mattias Põldaru wrote:

> It is clear, that using <p> forces linebreaks between paragraphs (which
> I have at every versebreak, I get the OSIS from a selfmade script and
> plan to remove some of these manually later, but before that I want to
> be sure that everything else is fine).

One way to test that would be to strip out all the <p> and </p> tags
from your OSIS file (sed will do that trivially, something like:

  sed -i 's%</\?p>%%g' osisfile.xml

) and then check (a) whether the resulting file validates with xmllint,
and (b) whether it gets through osis2mod with no warning or error
messages being output.

If it does, then you can read it in one or more SWORD frontend
applications, making sure it looks basically sane, and then go back and
add paragraph markers only around actual paragraphs in your original
input manuscript, and you should be all set.


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