[sword-devel] other osis2mod import issues (from the Wiki)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Jun 4 14:36:21 MST 2009

Firstly, DM, let me express my appreciation for your taking on the task 
of improving osis2mod further. It's a daunting task and I'm glad not to 
be tackling it myself right now. :)

There are a couple of sections of your Wiki addition from today that 
concern me. Hopefully they'll be easy to address, but I'm not even sure 
whether these are implemented or only planned features, having not 
bothered to read the code.

My first concern is with the conversion of <p>...</p> to <div 
type="paragraph" sID="genX"/>...<div type="paragraph" eID="genX"/>. My 
problem with this is the use of "paragraph" here in what is essentially 
a private-use semantic. A <div type="paragraph"> is already defined by 
OSIS for use in works that have a structural division called paragraphs 
(as in law codes and, if I recollect correctly, the Catechism of the 
Catholic Church). I think osis2mod should instead translate <p>...</p> 
to something with an x- type, e.g. <div type="x-p" sID="genX"/>...<div 
type="x-p" eID="genX"/>.

My other concern may be less easily addressed. The Wiki now states that, 
when using <title>, the attributes type="book" and type="chapter" are 
required for book and chapter titles respectively. I have no problem 
with osis2mod adding these type attributes, but they can't be required 
if we intend to maintain the policy that osis2mod should accept any 
valid & best practice conformant document. I don't know whether this is 
actually written down anywhere, but somewhere between the OSIS 1.0 and 
2.0, the committee decided that <title> types would be inherited from 
their parent element. So a <title> whose parent is <chapter> implicitly 
has type="chapter" and one whose parent is <div type="book"> implicitly 
has type="book".


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