[sword-devel] osis2mod import issue

Mattias Põldaru mahfiaz at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 22:58:01 MST 2009

Ühel kenal päeval, R, 2009-06-05 kell 15:44, kirjutas Karl Kleinpaste:
> DM Smith <dmsmith atcrosswire.org> writes:
> >> I reported this against Xiphos. It may be a bug of it's.
> > That certainly looks bad in Xiphos. I think it is a rendering bug.
> ...
> > I'm curious what it looks like when headings are turned off
> I closed his report a little while ago.
> It's clearly not a bug in Xiphos; when I breakpoint in the display code
> to catch the content coming back from the engine, there is a clear
> excess of the use of "<!/P><br />".  They're all over the place, in
> headings and in the text.  Also, his module ends every verse in a
> paragraph spec, so even when Xiphos is not displaying the module in
> verse-per-line mode, it's still showing as verse-per-line.
> When headings are turned off, the entire excess-whitespace problem
> disappears, though the discrepancy due to the module's
> every-verse-is-a-paragraph problem persists, of course.

The syntax I used is taken from Esther book example from
http://bibletechnologies.net/osistext/ (the first PDF)
I copy an example over from there:

   <verse sID="Esth.1.9" osisID="Esth.1.9" />
   While the men were enjoying themselves, Queen Vashti gave the
   women a big dinner inside the royal palace.
   <verse eID="Esth.1.9" />
   <verse sID="Esth.1.10" osisID="Esth.1.10" />
   By the seventh day, King Xerxes was feeling happy because of so
   much wine. And he asked his seven personal servants, Mehuman,
   Biztha, Harbona, Bigtha, Abagtha, Zethar, and Carkas,
   <verse eID="Esth.1.10" />
   <verse sID="Esth.1.11" osisID="Esth.1.11" />
   to bring Queen Vashti to him. The king wanted her to wear her
   crown and let his people and his officials see how beautiful she
   <verse eID="Esth.1.11" />
   <verse sID="Esth.1.12" osisID="Esth.1.12" />
   The king's servants told Queen Vashti what he had said, but she
   refused to go to him, and this made him terribly angry.
   <verse eID="Esth.1.12" />

It is clear, that using <p> forces linebreaks between paragraphs (which
I have at every versebreak, I get the OSIS from a selfmade script and
plan to remove some of these manually later, but before that I want to
be sure that everything else is fine).
I still think <!/P> and <br/>  shouldn't appear together, that creates
this enormous space.


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