[sword-devel] alternate verse ref syntax: `, ' in place of `:' or `.'

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 21 13:36:57 MST 2007

Just my opinion: I think that the reference that the user sees should  
remain as is and the reference that is encoded in the ThML scripRef or  
OSIS reference tag should be normalized to an osisRef.

The reason for my opinion:

The target audience of the Polish Bible are Polish readers for whom  
the , is natural chapter/verse separator.

The reason for using osisRef is that ThML accepts them as an alternate  
reference and because SWORD handles them well.

On another note:

In working on Vietnamese translation of BibleDesktop, we have found  
that '-' is part of the book names of several Bible books as well as  
other non-letters. I had already encountered the Chapter/Verse and  
Verse/Verse separator problem in Farsi. This plays havoc with the  
current Bible book name recognizer in JSword, and I imagine that of  
Sword. I'm planning to overhaul JSword's recognizer in the near  
future. I think it would also be reasonable to allow for alternate  
Chapter/Verse, Verse/Verse and range separators on a per Locale basis.

In Him,

On Nov 21, 2007, at 1:37 PM, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:

> I've worked up a Polish Bible, purportedly public domain.  There are
> footnotes for this text that I've auto-edited in place, and many of  
> them
> would in fact be auto-detectable as xrefs, except for the fact that  
> the
> apparent habit in Polish is for a verse ref to have the form "B c,v"
> rather than the more typical (for me) "B c:v".  I suppose this is akin
> to inverted use of `,' versus `.' as "thousands separator" and  
> "decimal
> point" in many locales.
> Is it worth trying to convert "c,v" references to "c:v" (or "c.v"), or
> this simply a lost cause?
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