[sword-devel] alternate verse ref syntax: `, ' in place of `:' or `.'

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Wed Nov 21 11:37:43 MST 2007

I've worked up a Polish Bible, purportedly public domain.  There are
footnotes for this text that I've auto-edited in place, and many of them
would in fact be auto-detectable as xrefs, except for the fact that the
apparent habit in Polish is for a verse ref to have the form "B c,v"
rather than the more typical (for me) "B c:v".  I suppose this is akin
to inverted use of `,' versus `.' as "thousands separator" and "decimal
point" in many locales.

Is it worth trying to convert "c,v" references to "c:v" (or "c.v"), or
this simply a lost cause?

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