[sword-devel] Updating Clarke commentary to become readable

Karl Kleinpaste karl at charcoal.com
Sun Sep 24 20:30:11 MST 2006

Karl Kleinpaste <karl at charcoal.com> writes:
> The `&' problem appears to be a bona fide Sword flaw.

On Troy's urging, with a little more examination, I've found:

- `&' needs to be preserved as "&amp;" in such a module.  ("duh.")
I changed the script to do that, and...

- It works and displays just fine in WinSword, which uses the
ThML=>RTF filter.

- However, in GnomeSword, using the ThML=>HTML filter, the updated
"&amp;" simply _disappears_ from the resulting output.

Troy, there's a substantial herd of EscapeString doodads in
thmlhtml.cpp with close correlation to similar doodads in
thmlrtf.cpp...  but in thmlhtml.cpp, they're all commented out.
What's up with that?  ThML is definitely on the losing end here.

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