[sword-devel] Updating Clarke commentary to become readable

Karl Kleinpaste karl at charcoal.com
Sun Sep 24 14:33:47 MST 2006

"Greg Hellings" <greg.hellings at gmail.com> writes:
> That is an astounding script.  Amazingly done!  I haven't tested it, as I
> don't have Clarke's installed, but it seems that if the Sword lib is
> mishandling the & character and the <br /> tag, then the problem really lies
> within Sword and should be fixed there, ASAP.  Excellent sed-ing, though!

The problem with <br /> tags is specific to the Clarke commentary;
it's simply that whatever converted some original Clarke text into a
ThML Sword module left it with a metric blortful of unnecessary (and
interfering) <br /> tags.  The script strips out the excess in a
coherent fashion.  (Yes, that line noise is coherent.)

The `&' problem appears to be a bona fide Sword flaw.

I'm glad you like the script, but that's pretty minor sed use.
Consider: Syntactic detection of verse references using...

's/\(\(\([123][CJKPST]\|[AC-Z]\)[a-z]\+\.\?\)\? *[0-9]\+:[0-9]\+\([-,:]\( \?[0-9]\+\)\?\)*\)\([a-z]\|ff\.\)\?\([],.;:)=]\| [A-Za-z(=[]\)/<scripRef passage="\1">\1\6<\/scripRef>\7/g'

A little follow-on work is needed after that nightmare, to undo a few
false positives.

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