[sword-devel] BibleCS 1.5.8rc3

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 27 08:58:49 MST 2006

L.Allan-pbio wrote:
> Some test results:
> * Searching for "*regeneration" using "Optimized Searching" caused 
> crash. Sword.exe was still "alive" (because of try...catch?), but the 
> "Halt" button was showing, and had to exit Sword.exe to get it reset 
> to "Search". Even closing the Search window and reopening had "Halt" 
> still showing. Actually, and the app wasn't really able to do anything 
> ... no seaching, showing other chapters, etc.

Lucene does not allow for leading wild cards. It should throw an error.
The other error that Lucene frequently will throw with a proper wildcard 
search is that the internal query is too big, e.g. a*.

> * The results from "Optimzied Search" aren't shown in order ... not in 
> Biblical book order. Searching for "generation" has Ps, Eccl, Luke, 
> Ps, Exod, etc.

I noticed this too. I think that the order is a ranked order. Lucene 
scores each hit and returns the hits in ranked order.

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