[sword-devel] BibleCS 1.5.8rc3

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Tue Jun 27 08:16:04 MST 2006

Some test results:

* Capabilities of "Optimized Searching" are impressive ... able to 
search for things like:
(languages or nations) and sons
but is there documentation available or being prepared? Can this be 
made available for non-indexed (non-optimized) searching?

* Searching for "*regeneration" using "Optimized Searching" caused 
crash. Sword.exe was still "alive" (because of try...catch?), but the 
"Halt" button was showing, and had to exit Sword.exe to get it reset 
to "Search". Even closing the Search window and reopening had "Halt" 
still showing. Actually, and the app wasn't really able to do anything 
... no seaching, showing other chapters, etc.

* "regeneration" mistakenly found in Matt 19:28 (ESV) with "Multi 
Word". Also found with "regen.ration" and RE search. Should only match 
Titus 3:5. Ok with "Optimized Search".

* Indexing of ESV took about 3 minutes on a modern AMD-3700 computer. 
Separate dialog window disappeared about 20 seconds or so into 
indexing. Finished ok but disconcerting.

* Setting for "Search Type" not remembered for subsequent search. If I 
have built the index, the "Optimized Search" is always chosen, even if 
I choose RE, did a search, closed search, and re-opened search. Seems 
like this should be "sticky / persistent".

* When new search done, the results of the last search are shown in 
the bottom-most window.
   - search for "regeneration' and look at Matt 19:28
   - search for "languages" and Matt 19:28 still showing in 
bottom-most window

* Maybe have a confirmation for "Delete Index"? I was doing some 
testing, and pehaps clicked on "Delete Index", but it seemed like the 
index disappeared.

* The results from "Optimzied Search" aren't shown in order ... not in 
Biblical book order. Searching for "generation" has Ps, Eccl, Luke, 
Ps, Exod, etc.

* Does Sword come with pre-defined Custom Ranges?

* Perhaps disable "Current Results" if there aren't any search 

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