[sword-devel] image support and UI selection (Re: JSword and development progress)

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Mon Aug 28 10:41:54 MST 2006

Hi DM ..........

DM Smith wrote:
> 	I think you have mentioned a couple of good ideas here:
> a) Display in a separate window.
> b) scale the image.
This may be a silly thought but - how about making the tag in the module 
a URL.  For a local file it could be 
file:///[sword_path]/[path_to_image_directory]/something.jpg and for a 
remote image or page, it could be a complete URL.  The frontend could 
then fire up the default browser and point it at the URL - (either local 
or remote) and use the browser to display the image.  That would 
simplify things for NET as the maps could be viewed from source, and 
would also make it easy to view local images of any normal size.

God bless,

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