[sword-devel] image support and UI selection (Re: JSword and development progress)

Karl Kleinpaste karl at charcoal.com
Mon Aug 28 11:22:09 MST 2006

Barry Drake <b.drake at ntlworld.com> writes:
> This may be a silly thought but - how about making the tag in the
> module a URL.
> The frontend could then fire up the default browser

I'm one of those odd folk that dislike a web browser being regarded as
a universal application interface.

At the least, the Sword application should distinguish on its own
whether remote access to an image is required (e.g. not "file:///"),
and only on that condition invoke a browser.

Any reasonable windowed environment has a standard way of creating a
window and inscribing an image in it, scaled or not.  A (gigantic) web
browser application just does not _fit_ alongside a local application
with its own concept of how it should look/feel.

I constructed a "map images" module for myself this morning, which
works fine in GnomeSword, using just (as I said before) "open in
dialog"; so it's separate, making it independently resizable, and
bury-able when I don't want it.  My only wishlist item now is for the
image to auto-resize within the bounds of that resizable window.  Or
possibly, as DM mentioned, with selectivity over "auto-resizing
within" -vs- "full-size + scrolling".  It seems to me that that sort
of selectivity is also part of any reasonable windowed environment.

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