[sword-devel] BibleCS rcF3 and TRANSLATORS

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Aug 23 00:27:15 MST 2006

OK, let's try this one more time! :)

The note popout feature now uses the same display preferences as the 
module it is from.
Verse headers are now parsed correctly for tags, so e.g., Strong's 
numbers can now appear in canonical Psalm headings.
InstallManager has also been updated.

I hope both of these binaries will be used for the final release 
(actually, we'll need to bump the sword lib up to 1.5.9 so Install 
Manager will allow install of the modules which require a minimum sword 
version of 1.5.9.

(I realize there was never a rcF2 of InstallManager.  Just wanted to 
keep the numbers in sync)


Still could use translators.

Eeli, thanks for your offer to help.  You don't actually need Sword for 
Windows to do the translation, but it might help for testing.  If you 
have any updates, let me know:



Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi Troy ...........
> Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> The best I could do without changing much code was to add a "Popout Note" menu choice.  It is available when you click on a note in the text.
> See the note for Matt 2:18 note 18.1 in the Greek bits.  The default 
> font in the new popout seems to support the Hebrew OK - but the Greek is 
> wierd in parts, and so far, I haven't found a way of changing the font 
> in the popout.  It's also a bit on the small size on my setup.  Useable, 
> but a bit of a strain on the eyes.  My age has something to do with 
> that, I'm sure.
> God bless,
> Barry
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