[sword-devel] Re: Introducing BibleMemorizer

Jeremy Erickson jerickson314 at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Mar 25 10:14:13 MST 2005

>You don't like GPL, so GPL-only is out. I don't think BSD-only is an 
>option if even Sword interfaces are included in the code. I think that 
>makes it a derivative work and therefore obliges GPL licensing. If you 
>put all Sword interfaces inside of IFDEFs and make a short statement 
>about their use obliging acceptance of the terms of the GPL, I think 
>you're fine. If they're not used, users can have a choice of BSD/GPL.

Thank you for the helpful information.  Now I understand.  So I will go ahead 
and just put warnings that the use of Sword implies GPL, even for source code 
(just because it's shorter than having both license notices in full).  And to 
avoid confusion, in descriptions of BibleMemorizer mentioning the license I 
can add something like "(GPL terms apply if Sword is used)".  Of course GPL 
terms are always allowed due to the license compatibility, but I understand 
they are only needed when a derivative work is present.  And I will stick 
COPYING in the source tarballs.

As hopefully I have made clear elsewhere (and you seem to understand, just 
making sure), I am not against people using the GPL (or even proprietary 
licenses for that matter) and don't mind contributing to such projects at 
all, I just have a preference for the BSD license for my own code.

(On the top-level posting thing)
I get the digests, not individual messages.  I use the links on the archives 
to reply to messages.  I'll bet that's why it's not working.  I will go ahead 
and change my subscription options.  I was concerned about cluttering my 
inbox, but I can just create a filter to move sword-devel messages to their 
own folder.  If replying within my e-mail client doesn't fix the problem, I 
can try another mailer or report on bugs.kde.org (a quick check there didn't 
show any reports, but I didn't go real in-depth because I think I figured it 

-Jeremy Erickson

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