[sword-devel] new hungarian module again

Joachim Ansorg junkmail at joachim.ansorgs.de
Thu Mar 10 08:13:29 MST 2005

we're sorry for our late replies.

Because the beta module area is back online we can upload your module for 
public testing before it becomes an official sword module. A module stays 
about two weeks in the beta module area for testing before it will be 
released to our public user base.

> Therefore I created the sword module for the Hungarian New Translation
> Bible, and I would like to make it available as an 'official' sword module.

That's great! www.kaveonline.org wasn't available for me in the last hour so 
I'll try to download that module from your site as soon as it's back online.

> ps: I received the permission from the Hungarian Bible Society to publish
> the module.

Thank you for making the permission available on your site, too.

Thank you very much for your hard work to make a new hungarian module 
available! Seeing so much effort from our users really encourages,
<>< Re: deemed!
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