[sword-devel] new hungarian module again

Szabó Kristóf Imre krisakombakom at mobilposta.hu
Thu Mar 10 07:02:03 MST 2005


I contacted several times the list and info at crosswire.org last year without tangible result, about my fresh new hungarian module. Actually the only Hungarian module 'officially' available as sword module is not that we use in church, it's the old translation, which is quite far from the spoken Hungarian language.

Therefore I created the sword module for the Hungarian New Translation Bible, and I would like to make it available as an 'official' sword module.
Last year when I contacted the list on this issue, I received the following answer:

> *DArio Matos*
> <mailto:sword-devel%40crosswire.org?Subject=%5Bsword-devel%5D%20Re%3A%20new%20hungarian%20module&In-Reply-To=200412151901.iBFJ0HGj009221%40www.crosswire.org>Post 
> the express permission you've received, and
>upload the file to somewhere, so the staff can access
>it; I think sooner or later the Crosswire.org fellows
>will have the time to check it, and bublish it at
>their Homepage.
>Dario Matos
The permission and the module itself can be downloaded from http://kaveonline.org/sword


ps: I received the permission from the Hungarian Bible Society to publish the module.

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