[sword-devel] New, young, front-end

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Sat Jul 2 12:38:04 MST 2005


Interesting ...

I tried to build it with Microsoft vc71 on XP-SP2 and ran into the following problems:


#include <wxmozilla/wxMozillaBrowser.h>

I installed wxmozilla 0.5.5, and the above line doesn't seem to be consistent with their file directory layout.
wxMozillaBrowser.h is in the src subdirectory. I defined WXMOZILLA_PATH and changed it to:

#include <wxMozillaBrowser.h>

..\include\al_num.h(119) : error C2084: function 'int al_pos(const wxChar *)' already has a body
        ..\include\al_num.h(7) : see previous definition of 'al_pos'

int al_pos(const wxChar *s) {
// code here

vc71 seems to treat the two al_pos routines as equivalent. I commented out the first routine to get it to compile.


c:\tmp\__stage\wxsword\src\wxsword.cpp(24) : error C4716: 'wxSword::OnInit' : must return a value

I had OnInit return true to get it to compile.


Once it would all compile, then there are link errors ... but I didn't wrestle with them too much and wanted to report the above to you first.

There problems may reflect lack of understanding on my part.

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  I have begun work on a new, young, front-end for Sword, using wxWidgets and wxMozilla.  It is still very new and very small, but it has made for a good learning exercise and programming practice.  You can find it at http://wxsword.sourceforge.net - though if you want to take a quick look at it, it's probably best to use the CVS version, since innumerable changes have been made since the tar-ball of just a few days ago.  Building it might be a trick at the moment, since I haven't set up any sort of autoconf or automake yet, but if you have wxWidgets 2.6 installed and wxMozilla installed, it shouldn't be too hard to build it on Linux.  Just a throw out there, and I'd love comments!



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