[sword-devel] New, young, front-end

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 12:31:16 MST 2005

I have begun work on a new, young, front-end for Sword, using wxWidgets and 
wxMozilla. It is still very new and very small, but it has made for a good 
learning exercise and programming practice. You can find it at 
http://wxsword.sourceforge.net - though if you want to take a quick look at 
it, it's probably best to use the CVS version, since innumerable changes 
have been made since the tar-ball of just a few days ago. Building it might 
be a trick at the moment, since I haven't set up any sort of autoconf or 
automake yet, but if you have wxWidgets 2.6 installed and wxMozilla 
installed, it shouldn't be too hard to build it on Linux. Just a throw out 
there, and I'd love comments!

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