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Phillip R Acuff pacuff at vallnet.com
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Actually, I am really sorry that Bible Companion/XML didn't pan out well.
Since it was XML based, and used the Mozilla engine, I could create web
links, use existing plugins (like Adobe Pdf) without much effort.  It really
was a super start and would have been a great tool to use in the public
domain area, if it had caught on and the source code was placed in the
public domain.  The developer didn't understand the benefits of getting a
wide user base that was also technically aware, so as far as the US is
concerned, it flopped.


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Well, none that I'm aware of. I probably should have said something like
when other Christian software is built using the Mozilla platform.

One of my thoughts was someone could create a Firefox extension which
integrates the Bible into web browsing. Example, say I find a website on a
topic like raising kids. I could then search a library of Biblical truths
about the family without switching to another application to do so.

I am also planning to create software to assist in worship services. 
Such an application could benefit from having Sword integrated. No need to
copy and paste scripture! Just tell it what you want and BAM it's there! How
about a sermon or Bible study preparation package? Financial software with
links right to Jesus' teachings on money? I'm a dreamer, but I think if it
is God's Will, all of this will happen. The collection of software I would
like to create I've named "Christian Desktop" and would like to make it
available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. I really love the Mozilla platform
and feel it might be my best option to make everything cross platform. I've
considered Java. I've been developing in Java for a while now. But Mozilla
seems to be better for what I need.

Any way, thank you and God Bless <><

Don A. Elbourne Jr. wrote:

> Curiosity: What other Christian software uses the Mozilla platform?

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