[sword-devel] Building Mandrake x86_64 RPMs

Brian Schroeder bandds at airnet.com.au
Sat Jan 15 01:57:41 MST 2005

It looks like I am pushing the boundaries a bit here.
I am trying to build binary x86_64 rpms from the source
rpms available in the Mandrake contrib area for sword 1.5.7a,
gnomesword 2.1.1, and bibletime 1.4.1-3.

After jumping through a few hoops I managed to produce a
sword rpm, although I had to install it with "--nodeps".

The gnomesword spec file and resultant Makefiles all have
specific library version requirements - eg. I get

No package 'libgtkhtml-3.0' found

but have lib64gtkhtml-3.1_11 installed (along with the
"devel" package).  I assume this should work.

This isn't the only such package.

For Bibletime, I had to add "/usr/lib64", as a directory
in which to search for libsword, to the main configure file,
and re-create the tar.bz2 file.  After that bibletime was

I imagine that by playing around with the gnomesword
sources I could make it work, but I would like to do it in
a "nice" way, not a fudge.  Any recommendations?


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