[sword-devel] pertaining xml2gbs, osis2mod

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Jun 17 13:40:14 MST 2004

Hi Benedykt,

To elaborate on Troy's comments....

Benedykt P. Barszcz wrote:
> Chris Little wrote:
> [...]
>> So just use the latest version of the OSIS specification along with 
>> the latest version of xml2gbs, and let us know if you actually have 
>> problems.

There were two reasons for my saying this.  The first was that it cuts 
down on the number of questions we have to answer.  The second was that 
IF you run into problems or deficiencies, we want to fix them.  We don't 
want you to work around them by using the wrong tags, using them 
incorrectly, or such.

> OK. I'd like to know this:
> Where can I find the mapping between OSIS and GBS implemented in xml2gbs?
> I imagine there's a number of osis elements and attributes that will not 
> be converted into GBS Tags by the current xml2gbs converter.

Everything should be transferred from the OSSI document to the GB module 
by xml2gbs (except, I think, for some of the <div> close tags perhaps). 
  If you find anything not behaving in this manner, tell us.

> Also, do I have to be aware of differences between software readers as 
> to what elements (attributes) they (can) display, or is it implied that 
> they should render everything?

As long as you're creating valid OSIS, don't worry about anything.  It 
is the responsibility of the library to transform OSIS correctly and of 
the front-ends to render correctly.


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