[sword-devel] New Modules (front-end developers: please read)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Jun 12 03:52:44 MST 2004

I just posted three new modules to the beta site (actually two are 
updated, but they're from scratch and significantly different from their 
previous versions).  They are the AB (Apostle's Bible), EMTV (English 
Majority Text Version), and UKJV (Updated King James Version)--all in 
English.  They look fine to me but could definitely use some testing.

(non-front-end developers can stop reading past here)
The modules were built with the updated osis2mod that I just committed. 
  It is different from previous versions in that it tries to maintain as 
much of the OSIS document in the module database as possible (and in the 
correct order).

In particular, verse tags are included within each verse.  This means 
you can render verse numbers on the basis of markup contained in the 
text rather than on Sword's hardcoded verse numbers.  The AB module, for 
example, includes many verses beyond the last verse of a chapter.  If 
you simply ignore the verse tags, these will just look like you've 
concatenated the extra verses to the last verse (which is technically 
what has happened).  But if you render verse numbers on the basis of 
verse tags, you can simulate alternate versifications to a limited 
degree (as long as they don't cross chapter boundaries--see Ps.150/151 
in the AB for an example where this doesn't work).

This also avoids the <title type="x-preverse"> kludge.  If you render 
verse numbers on the basis of verse tags, any titles that precede the 
first verse tag are obviously going to come before the rendered number.

OSIS has two different ways of representing verses.  The AB and UKJV 
modules uses <verse> & </verse> tag pairs (the container model).  The 
EMTV module uses <verse sID="..."/> & <verse eID="..."/> tag pairs (the 
milestone model--which is more common and named as the best practice). 
So if you implement rendering on the basis of verse tags, realize that 
there are two varieties.


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