[sword-devel] pertaining xml2gbs, osis2mod

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Jun 17 09:44:25 MST 2004

	It seems you don't realize that the question you are asking is not 
entirely logical.

OSIS is an XML schema-- which it sound like you are aware.

GBS - General Book Support-- is a SWORD driver and key format.  It is 
used for persisting things like OSIS encoded books.

SWORD included a markup tag in a module's .conf file to designate which 
markup the module is using.

You can create a general book (GBS), and designate that the module is 
marked up in OSIS.

Does that make sense?


Benedykt P. Barszcz wrote:
> Chris Little wrote:
> [...]
>> So just use the latest version of the OSIS specification along with 
>> the latest version of xml2gbs, and let us know if you actually have 
>> problems.
>> --Chris
> OK. I'd like to know this:
> Where can I find the mapping between OSIS and GBS implemented in xml2gbs?
> I imagine there's a number of osis elements and attributes that will not 
> be converted into GBS Tags by the current xml2gbs converter.
> Also, do I have to be aware of differences between software readers as 
> to what elements (attributes) they (can) display, or is it implied that 
> they should render everything?
> Benedict
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