[sword-devel] Sword compiled on BeOS

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Jul 20 16:19:03 MST 2004

Jan Bungeroth wrote:

> Compiling Sword 1.5.7 was no problem at all. Just one minor change was
> necessary to get it done. (I will post on that soon.) It worked both on
> BeOS R5 and on Zeta RC2. Thank you for such a portable and powerful
> program!

It's not just a matter of inherent portability.  Ports for BeOS, OS X, 
and QNX were done about four years ago.  I never got around to OS/2, 
like I'd planned.  Of course, without any real user base, some of these 
ports succumb to code rot.

> A first impression of Be-Logos can be found on the webpage:
> http://www.be-logos.org
> (I will add some more screenshots in the next days.)

Not to be discouraging, but had you considered helping with the 
wxWindows frontend development effort instead of developing your own 
from scratch?

> 1. What are the possible options in the search method? 

Phrase, multi-word, and regexp.

> 2. How can I ignore the case when searching? 

IIRC, there's an argument for ignoring case in the search function.

> 3. And how do I search for for words A||B instead of A&&B?

Use regexp searching "(A|B)" or do two searches.


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