[sword-devel] Sword compiled on BeOS

Ingo ingo7 at wp.pl
Tue Jul 20 13:19:15 MST 2004

W liscie z wto, 20-07-2004, godz. 20:09, Jan Bungeroth pisze: 
> 4. On the Be-Logos screenshot you can see the Greek Septuagint module
> without Greek accents. Are they missing in the module or is something wrong
> with my font?

I think they are missing. I don't have them neither in Septuagint module
nor in other greek text modules (TR, WHNU, Byz: Sword for windows). 
To check accents you can use "unofficial" NA26/USB3 module (discussed
here 2 days ago).

I have just received written permission to use in "Project Sword" one of
the modern, very good (this opinion is shared by hebrew/greek
professionals as well as by "common christians" like myself) polish
translations of the Bible. We will do our best to prepare the module AND
the OSIS file (with Apocrypha and other versification scheme). I write
it here just to share my joy. 

In Christ,

Wojciech Bartminski

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