[sword-devel] Sword compiled on BeOS

Jan Bungeroth jan at be-logos.org
Tue Jul 20 11:09:13 MST 2004

Dear list members

My name is Jan and I am a BeOS programmer. I already mailed Troy
and it is about time to introduce myself to the list.

As there is no bible program for the Be Operating System (BeOS) and a
friend of mine needed one, I started coding. My program, called Be-Logos,
is a frontend to Sword. It now reaches beta status and will be released 
under GPL soon.

While many people consider BeOS a dead system, it still has a small
but loyal fellowship. Currently there are some efforts to revive it as Zeta
(a commercial all-new BeOS version by the YellowTab company) and
as Haiku (an open-source version still to come).

Compiling Sword 1.5.7 was no problem at all. Just one minor change was
necessary to get it done. (I will post on that soon.) It worked both on
BeOS R5 and on Zeta RC2. Thank you for such a portable and powerful

A first impression of Be-Logos can be found on the webpage:
(I will add some more screenshots in the next days.)

Currently I am preparing the first open release (version 0.7), and I have 
some questions:

1. What are the possible options in the search method? 
2. How can I ignore the case when searching? 
3. And how do I search for for words A||B instead of A&&B?
4. On the Be-Logos screenshot you can see the Greek Septuagint module
without Greek accents. Are they missing in the module or is something wrong
with my font?
5. I did not manage to use the progress indicator when searching; it always
results in 1% 2% 5% [long pause] 100%. Howcome?

Thank you and greetings


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