[sword-devel] Sword compiled on BeOS

Jan Bungeroth jan at be-logos.org
Wed Jul 21 06:09:10 MST 2004

Dear Chris

On Wednesday 21 July 2004 01:19, Chris Little wrote:
> Not to be discouraging, but had you considered helping with the 
> wxWindows frontend development effort instead of developing your own 
> from scratch?

Thank you for the advise, but my intentions were different. I needed
a BeOS bible program for private use urgently, and so I wrote the 
Sword frontend in only four weeks after work. To support the community
I decided to release this version under GPL. Of course it is not meant
to be feature-complete. If there is interest in the BeOS-community, I
will continue development. If not, I will focus on something else.

The wxWindows version sounds interesting, but unfortunately there
is no version of wxWindows for BeOS currently.

> IIRC, there's an argument for ignoring case in the search function.

This is what I am looking for. How is it used? I couldn't figure it out
from the Sword and Bibletime sources.



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