[sword-devel] Incomplete verses in BHS

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 13 Feb 2004 07:36:56 +1300

Hello Dan,

> I have discovered a problem in the book of Isaiah in the sword module
> for the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS). I noticed it first with
> chapter 6. There, several verses are incomplete. Verse 2 ends after
> the second radical ("letter") of the third word. Only part of the
> first word of verse 4 is present. Verse 5 ends partway through the
> ninth word. There are similar problems with verses 9 and 13.

Mine looks fine. Not that I can read Hebrew, nor have a printed text to
compare it to, but each verse ends with a colon. Is 6:2 has about 16 words
in it.

> I believe that it is a problem with the module rather than with the
> program used to display the text, because I get the same results
> whether I use GnomeSword (2) or BibleTime.

Just because mine works ok doesn't mean that there isn't a problem in the
module... it could be the case that there are some mistakes that are
non-consequential in my setup (I'm using The Sword Project for Windows,
v1.5.6 on Windows XP Home edition) but cause problems on some other setups.

Or it could be just your copy of the module. Have you tried deleting and
reinstalling it?

Or perhaps a font handling issue? I couldn't spot any particular
similarities between the spots you said the verses ended, but I only took a
cursory look.

You're probably better waiting to hear from other GnomeSword or BibleTime
users, as I know that "it works for me" usually isn't terribly useful for
solving the problem, but in this case it says something about the when the
module does work.

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