[sword-devel] 4 questions

Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 07 Feb 2004 23:34:32 +0100


I have been using SWORD for a while, but I have some problems getting
modules for it. (The companyes that have the rights will not sell me a
SWORDmodule) So, insted of giving up, I and a friend are considering
creating a company selling sutch modules, and also SWORDsoftware
together on a CD. (now those companyes at least let us talk to the right
people) I have some questions about SWORD, and I hope you can help me...
(Yes, I have been looking arround the webpage, but it was stuff I just
could not find. You dont have to answer all the questions at once, I
just found it practical to place all in one mail. Hope it is the correct
list, and sorry about my spellling...)

1) Encryption/Locked modules
How does the system work? Is it possible to encrypt modules that we
sell, and give the buyers a key?

2) Translation (UI)
We would like to translate the frontends we are using. For Bibletime, it
seems trivial, but how does this work for other UI's (we are currently
only interested in Bibletime, GnomeSWORD and "The SWORD Project for
Windows, since we don't have other hardware to test on)? Do they support
gettext to? (If no localisationcode exists, will you be intrested if we
write it?)

3) "GPL-blockers" in packages stopping commersial distrubution
Is there anything in the frontends or in the libary that blocks
commersial distribution? And what? (The copyright for every module is in
the configfile, we know, so we are only asking for the frontends
mentioned above)

4) What are the rules to publish modules here? (the "for free"-part we
are avare of) How famous must the author be, and is that in general, or
only for those speaking the language the module is for? What licensing
is requred? (In case those distribuating the modules are realy
cooperative, and will allow you to publish them as well)

5) The bible module "Norsk Bibelen" contain some errors in the
configuration file's info. 
Firs of all, the name is bad norwegian, and it almoust infrigments the
trademark of norwegian biblecompany ("Norsk Bibel", not the ones
publishing this bible). The bible you got is translated by "Det norske
bibelselskap", or shorter "Bibelselskapet" in 1930, and is usually just
called "1930 utgaven". "Det norske bibelselskap's oversettelse av 1930"
I think would be the most correct, but it is to long. Other used names
is "DNB 1930", "Bibelselskapet's 1930 utgave" etc. (often in Norway, a
translation is named by the year it was translated, mabe also with the
company's name + the year) If you need other name-suggestions, I'm at
youre service...
Secund, it is not public domain any longer. Norwegian copyrightlaw has
changed, so it is still copyrighted, at least in Norway. However, I have
heard that non-commersiall distribution is legal (I can check it with
them if you want me to)

Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik