[sword-devel] Developer Needs

Michael Riversong mriversong at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 31 13:07:32 MST 2004

Just so you folks know, I'm a very good documentation writer, and am
willing to help out where needed.

My development skills aren't all that useful.  I know just enough about
programming to translate the efforts of others into readable prose.

Also I am currently distributing a CD containing some Sword material and
a few other public license items.  This is going mainly to Christian
schools in the region and individuals who are in contact with me.  If a
better CD comes along, I will gladly distribute that.

On Fri, 2004-12-31 at 09:29, Don Parris wrote:
> Some may be aware that I am more of an advocate than a hacker.  I
> remember seeing a post from Martin Gruner about Volunteer opportunities.
> The Freely Project, Open Source Ministry, and at least two other
> Christian FOSS groups are actively involved in setting up a news portal
> for the Christian FOSS community.  One thing I believe we need to do
> more of is recruiting other Christian hackers to help with existing
> projects.
> I know the InfoCentral project is looking for experienced Java hackers.
> CHADDB is being developed by an experienced Java hacker.  What sort of
> needs do the Sword Projects have, in terms of personnel?  We want to
> post these needs to the rest of the community, so the word can spread a
> little further.
> >From my experience (which only started last May) with the community,
> there are several development projects, and a handful of advocacy
> projects.  Thus far, we've had very little interaction between the two
> communities.  I would like to see this change in 2005, as the advocacy
> community does need to be aware of the development community's needs, so
> that can be incorporated into our activities.
> Freely will soon release a CD that includes Windows versions of Sword
> and other projects (InfoCentral, OpenLP, etc.) that can be handed out to
> Christians and churches.  OS Ministry will be hosting a news portal, and
> I hope we can provide some "advertising" of sorts to help promote the
> Christian FOSS projects.  While I'm at it, if anyone has suggestions as
> to Christian media outlets we can contact (with respect to announcing
> the news portal launch), let me know.
> As I said, I also hope we can work on recruiting developers and doc
> writers to help out.  If you guys want to put together some wish lists
> for each project, we can let folks know what the needs are.
> Thanks for all the hard work y'all put into your projects.  As a
> GNU/Linux-only user, I enjoy using BibleTime and JSword.  I pray that
> 2005 will be a rewarding year for all.
> God bless,
> Don

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