[sword-devel] Developer Needs

Don Parris evangelinux at matheteuo.org
Fri Dec 31 09:29:17 MST 2004

Some may be aware that I am more of an advocate than a hacker.  I
remember seeing a post from Martin Gruner about Volunteer opportunities.
The Freely Project, Open Source Ministry, and at least two other
Christian FOSS groups are actively involved in setting up a news portal
for the Christian FOSS community.  One thing I believe we need to do
more of is recruiting other Christian hackers to help with existing

I know the InfoCentral project is looking for experienced Java hackers.
CHADDB is being developed by an experienced Java hacker.  What sort of
needs do the Sword Projects have, in terms of personnel?  We want to
post these needs to the rest of the community, so the word can spread a
little further.

>From my experience (which only started last May) with the community,
there are several development projects, and a handful of advocacy
projects.  Thus far, we've had very little interaction between the two
communities.  I would like to see this change in 2005, as the advocacy
community does need to be aware of the development community's needs, so
that can be incorporated into our activities.

Freely will soon release a CD that includes Windows versions of Sword
and other projects (InfoCentral, OpenLP, etc.) that can be handed out to
Christians and churches.  OS Ministry will be hosting a news portal, and
I hope we can provide some "advertising" of sorts to help promote the
Christian FOSS projects.  While I'm at it, if anyone has suggestions as
to Christian media outlets we can contact (with respect to announcing
the news portal launch), let me know.

As I said, I also hope we can work on recruiting developers and doc
writers to help out.  If you guys want to put together some wish lists
for each project, we can let folks know what the needs are.

Thanks for all the hard work y'all put into your projects.  As a
GNU/Linux-only user, I enjoy using BibleTime and JSword.  I pray that
2005 will be a rewarding year for all.

God bless,
DC Parris  GNU Evangelist
"Free software is like God's love - you can share it with anyone anytime

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