[sword-devel] RE: SWORD WITH APOCRYPHA or Deuto Canon

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Dec 22 17:06:20 MST 2004

Khoi Pham,
	We really appreciate your work.  There are a number of things to 
consider, which we have been planning for when we support alternate 
versifications in 1.5.50 of our roadmap at:


	1) we already have an apocrypha.h that has been generated
	2) there needs to be a mechanism to turn apocrypha support on/off
	3) 1 and 2 will be obsolete if we 'do this right' and provide dynamic 
versification systems, instead of static tables.
	4) Conversion between keys of different versification systems

	I think #3 is the largest part of making this happen and accepted into 
the engine.  Though your work technically makes your custom modules 
work, it, in effect, makes all the current modules stop working-- 
probably at all without a reindex, and also by always showing apocryphal 
books in the versekey, when these are not desired by 98% of our users 
and not present in 98% of our current modules.  This does not fix the 
real probably of allowing a module to have its own versification system 
and provide translation between others.  That is the real work and time 
involved in this task, and why it is taking us so long to do it correct.

	Please don't think we are unappreciative of your efforts.  We'd love 
for you to consider helping on the dynamic versification system proposed 
above.  If you join #sword on irc.freenode.net, we can discuss it 
further in technical detail.

	Merry Christmas!!!


Pham, Khoi wrote:
> I generate new index scheme to cover all 5 books into the OT canon to
> generate new chapter numbers and verse numbers, then change the files
> canon.h and Versekey.cpp to include these books and recompile them. 
> Then I change the abbr.conf file to match the new canon.h.
> Finally I recompile vpl2mod to create new modules.
> I need someone to test to find errors so I can fix it before release.
> Khoi Pham
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> Could you describe the types of changes that you made (to the library 
> and to BibleCS) and submit a patch file?
> --Chris
> Pham, Khoi wrote:
>>I just made a SWORD Windows executable that includes the 7 Catholic
>>Books in it (Tobit, I,II Maccabees, Judith, Wisdom, Sirach, and
> Baruch).
>>However, I only recompile the Vulgate and DR modules for it. To make
>>other modules, we need to recompile all of them. How can I load it for
>>beta testing?
>>Khoi Pham
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