[sword-devel] Developer Needs

Eric Hartwell darth_linux at ameritech.net
Fri Dec 31 13:55:39 MST 2004

On Friday 31 December 2004 11:29, Don Parris wrote:
> Some may be aware that I am more of an advocate than a hacker.  I
> remember seeing a post from Martin Gruner about Volunteer opportunities.
> The Freely Project, Open Source Ministry, and at least two other
> Christian FOSS groups are actively involved in setting up a news portal
> for the Christian FOSS community.  One thing I believe we need to do
> more of is recruiting other Christian hackers to help with existing
> projects.

> God bless,
> Don

I am a budding hacker and would love to contribute where I can. I can do some 
C and Java. I am currently learning QT. 

I use BibleTime in KDE. 

God bless, 

Eric Hartwell 

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