Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 23 Sep 2003 13:53:20 -0700

This list is the result of reviewing with Mike, and him revising an 
initial todo list presented earlier this week from ABS.  If you would 
like to work on any of the items, please post your intentions, and have 
at it.  This is a great opportunity to offer ABS and the other online 
Bible publisher a wonder free service for disseminating the Word of God. 
  I praise God the opportunities He's given us to serve!


PS.  [mine]

Current Issues

1.Can we let users see more than one chapter at a time?  Say, 500 verses?

- Functionality is there; how do we present to the user?  Check w/ 
Gospelcom, Jon H.

2.We need text [into/explanation of tab], not John 3:1, to appear when 
the user clicks on passage study or parallel translations.

- Need introductory text; change user interface for parallel viewing 
(Jon) to include a box.

3.“Daily Devo” key needs to go away for this scholarly audience.
- Done
[we need to add a preference to hide or unhide this tab]

4.“Cults / Unorthodox / Questionable Material” needs to go away.
- Done
[same as #3]

5.Search results render weird in IE.
- Troy working on.

[Guys, we need to try our work in IE after editing the pages.  I've 
spent hours finding silly little problems in our XML to keep IE from 
breaking.  It seems if there is ANY malformed XML in the document, IE 
will NOT use XHTML/CSS functionality and fall back to dumb rendering. 
The fact is, many people are demoing the tool right now, and they almost 
always use IE, so our sandboxes can be messed up, but before we update 
the .../sword/biblenew/ public URL, each page needs to be hit with IE to 
make sure it doesn't puke.  Ask someone to test your sandbox if you 
don't have the ability to try IE yourself.  The main problem I've seen 
is that the center content of the page is dropped down to the very 
bottom of the page, instead of between the 2 side panels.]

6.Searching for phrase using passage study is confusing, because the 
results include every word in the phrase, not just the exact phrase.
- Will work through; add info to power search.

7.The preferences section allows you to choose Bibles and Commentaries 
as preferences.  Can we also allow the user to choose preferences from 
other sources in the library, such as Essays, Books, etc?
- Yes.  Can be added.  Presentation needs to be determined.

8.In the left nav, “Interative Maps” should say “Interactive Maps.”

9.Users should be able to include quotation marks in searches, as many 
people include quotation marks when searching for a phrase.
- See question 6.

10.What is “Advanced – Regular Expression” in the power search section 
of the site?
- Will provide explanation.

11.I’m choosing the ASV, ACV and AKJV in the preferences section, but I 
only see results in the AKJV section.  I searched for the term Jesus.
- Need to better clarify what preferences means, how section works.

12.There should be some text explaining how to add and remove sources as 
preferences in the Preferences section.
- Could add functionality to let user see, hide headings.

13.When you get the results in the preferences section, it includes an 
“Original Language” caption on the right side.  It talks about 
translating Greek and Hebrew into the English “sword.”   I assume this 
has something to do w/ the Sword software.  No one will know what this 
13a. When you click on one of the Hebrew words in this section, it 
returns you to the home page.
- may or may not be completed.

14.Each Bible, commentary or book should have information about what it 
is.  For example, what is A Conservative Bible?  When was it written? 
Who did the translation?
- Can get information when chosen from the library.  Need to determine 
where else it might go.  Maybe add an “About” button, or a link at the 
top when the verses are shown.

15.Users should get a message when they search for a Bible in anything 
other than English about the need to set their browser windows to UTF-8, 
so the text in Chinese will render properly.
- Should be handled by selecting Auto-select.

16.The “Parallel Translations” section should be changed to “Parallel 
Viewing,” as you can view texts other than Bibles next to each other.

17.Next and previous chapters don’t work.
- need to be completed.

Additional Functionality

1.Print – we would like users to be able to print the results of their 
searches, especially when using parallel viewing so users can create 
their own diglots.

2.The Unbound Bible includes a Greek Lexical Parser.  We would like to 
include that.

3.The Unbound Bible allows you to search using different character sets 
(such as Arabic, Chinese, etc.).  We would like to be able to do 
non-English searches, as opposed to using the cut and paste method. 
This is found in the “Greek & Hebrew Lexicon” section, which we would 
also like to replicate.

4.We would like to have a “Bible Download” section for users to be able 
to download texts.  I guess we’d need to discuss what format they can 
download texts in.

5.We should add a “Site Map” section.

6.Can we add all the options and preferences from The SWORD Project for 

Content / Page headings and info that should be presented to the user

Passage Study Search
The passage study tool allows you to search by keyword, phrase, verse 
and passage.  All results are shown in the examples site the 1769 King 
James Version of the Bible.  Also, do not use quotation marks when you 
search unless the quotation marks are part of the results for which you 
are looking.

For example, searching for Jubal would return:

Genesis 4:21
And his brother's name was Jubal: he was the father of all such as 
handle the harp and organ.

Searching by a phrase such as harp and organ will capture the exact 
phrase, but also any verse
containing the words in that phrase.  The results for this phrase would 
include three verses, two of
which contain the words in the phrase but not the phrase itself:

Genesis 4:21
And his brother's name was Jubal: he was the father of all such as 
handle the harp and organ.

Job 30:31
My harp also is turned to mourning, and my organ into the voice of them 
that weep.

Job 21:12
They take the timbrel and harp, and rejoice at the sound of the organ.

This allows you to search by a specific Bible verse.  It is necessary to 
include the book, chapter and verse to search by a specific verse.  For 
example, searching for Job 21:12 would result:

Job 21:12
They take the timbrel and harp, and rejoice at the sound of the organ.

Passage search allows you to find a specific ?.  For example, searching 
for Job 21 would return the
entire chapter of Job 21.

Power Search
Power search provides the functionality of a passage study search, but 
also allows you to search by word fragment, exact phrase and advanced – 
regular expression.

The Preferences section allows you to choose specific texts from which 
to focus your search.  For example, you could choose two Bibles such as 
the KJV and NIV, and your results would include Bible verses in both 
those translations.

Parallel Viewing
Parallel viewing allows you to see two or more texts side by side.  For 
example, you could view two Bible versions of the same verse next to 
each other, or a verse from a specific translation and what a commentary 
has to say about that specific verse.