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I'll take the parallel view stuff because I did the first of it.

I did not understand what was meant with adding a box to the parallel view. 
Should it be an intro box or something else?
Should the nvigation by clicking remain the same or should it be changed?
Any other tips / wishes for this task?


> This list is the result of reviewing with Mike, and him revising an
> initial todo list presented earlier this week from ABS.  If you would
> like to work on any of the items, please post your intentions, and have
> at it.  This is a great opportunity to offer ABS and the other online
> Bible publisher a wonder free service for disseminating the Word of God.
>   I praise God the opportunities He's given us to serve!
> 	-Troy.
> PS.  [mine]
> Current Issues
> 1.Can we let users see more than one chapter at a time?  Say, 500 verses?
> - Functionality is there; how do we present to the user?  Check w/
> Gospelcom, Jon H.
> 2.We need text [into/explanation of tab], not John 3:1, to appear when
> the user clicks on passage study or parallel translations.
> - Need introductory text; change user interface for parallel viewing
> (Jon) to include a box.
> 3.“Daily Devo” key needs to go away for this scholarly audience.
> - Done
> [we need to add a preference to hide or unhide this tab]
> 4.“Cults / Unorthodox / Questionable Material” needs to go away.
> - Done
> [same as #3]
> 5.Search results render weird in IE.
> - Troy working on.
> [Guys, we need to try our work in IE after editing the pages.  I've
> spent hours finding silly little problems in our XML to keep IE from
> breaking.  It seems if there is ANY malformed XML in the document, IE
> will NOT use XHTML/CSS functionality and fall back to dumb rendering.
> The fact is, many people are demoing the tool right now, and they almost
> always use IE, so our sandboxes can be messed up, but before we update
> the .../sword/biblenew/ public URL, each page needs to be hit with IE to
> make sure it doesn't puke.  Ask someone to test your sandbox if you
> don't have the ability to try IE yourself.  The main problem I've seen
> is that the center content of the page is dropped down to the very
> bottom of the page, instead of between the 2 side panels.]
> 6.Searching for phrase using passage study is confusing, because the
> results include every word in the phrase, not just the exact phrase.
> - Will work through; add info to power search.
> 7.The preferences section allows you to choose Bibles and Commentaries
> as preferences.  Can we also allow the user to choose preferences from
> other sources in the library, such as Essays, Books, etc?
> - Yes.  Can be added.  Presentation needs to be determined.
> 8.In the left nav, “Interative Maps” should say “Interactive Maps.”
> 9.Users should be able to include quotation marks in searches, as many
> people include quotation marks when searching for a phrase.
> - See question 6.
> 10.What is “Advanced – Regular Expression” in the power search section
> of the site?
> - Will provide explanation.
> 11.I’m choosing the ASV, ACV and AKJV in the preferences section, but I
> only see results in the AKJV section.  I searched for the term Jesus.
> - Need to better clarify what preferences means, how section works.
> 12.There should be some text explaining how to add and remove sources as
> preferences in the Preferences section.
> - Could add functionality to let user see, hide headings.
> 13.When you get the results in the preferences section, it includes an
> “Original Language” caption on the right side.  It talks about
> translating Greek and Hebrew into the English “sword.”   I assume this
> has something to do w/ the Sword software.  No one will know what this
> means.
> 13a. When you click on one of the Hebrew words in this section, it
> returns you to the home page.
> - may or may not be completed.
> 14.Each Bible, commentary or book should have information about what it
> is.  For example, what is A Conservative Bible?  When was it written?
> Who did the translation?
> - Can get information when chosen from the library.  Need to determine
> where else it might go.  Maybe add an “About” button, or a link at the
> top when the verses are shown.
> 15.Users should get a message when they search for a Bible in anything
> other than English about the need to set their browser windows to UTF-8,
> so the text in Chinese will render properly.
> - Should be handled by selecting Auto-select.
> 16.The “Parallel Translations” section should be changed to “Parallel
> Viewing,” as you can view texts other than Bibles next to each other.
> Ok.
> 17.Next and previous chapters don’t work.
> - need to be completed.
> Additional Functionality
> 1.Print – we would like users to be able to print the results of their
> searches, especially when using parallel viewing so users can create
> their own diglots.
> 2.The Unbound Bible includes a Greek Lexical Parser.  We would like to
> include that.
> 3.The Unbound Bible allows you to search using different character sets
> (such as Arabic, Chinese, etc.).  We would like to be able to do
> non-English searches, as opposed to using the cut and paste method.
> This is found in the “Greek & Hebrew Lexicon” section, which we would
> also like to replicate.
> 4.We would like to have a “Bible Download” section for users to be able
> to download texts.  I guess we’d need to discuss what format they can
> download texts in.
> 5.We should add a “Site Map” section.
> 6.Can we add all the options and preferences from The SWORD Project for
> Windows?
> ___________________________
> Content / Page headings and info that should be presented to the user
> ___________________________
> Passage Study Search
> The passage study tool allows you to search by keyword, phrase, verse
> and passage.  All results are shown in the examples site the 1769 King
> James Version of the Bible.  Also, do not use quotation marks when you
> search unless the quotation marks are part of the results for which you
> are looking.
> Keyword
> For example, searching for Jubal would return:
> Genesis 4:21
> And his brother's name was Jubal: he was the father of all such as
> handle the harp and organ.
> Phrase
> Searching by a phrase such as harp and organ will capture the exact
> phrase, but also any verse
> containing the words in that phrase.  The results for this phrase would
> include three verses, two of
> which contain the words in the phrase but not the phrase itself:
> Genesis 4:21
> And his brother's name was Jubal: he was the father of all such as
> handle the harp and organ.
> Job 30:31
> My harp also is turned to mourning, and my organ into the voice of them
> that weep.
> Job 21:12
> They take the timbrel and harp, and rejoice at the sound of the organ.
> Verse
> This allows you to search by a specific Bible verse.  It is necessary to
> include the book, chapter and verse to search by a specific verse.  For
> example, searching for Job 21:12 would result:
> Job 21:12
> They take the timbrel and harp, and rejoice at the sound of the organ.
> Passage
> Passage search allows you to find a specific ?.  For example, searching
> for Job 21 would return the
> entire chapter of Job 21.
> Power Search
> Power search provides the functionality of a passage study search, but
> also allows you to search by word fragment, exact phrase and advanced –
> regular expression.
> Preferences
> The Preferences section allows you to choose specific texts from which
> to focus your search.  For example, you could choose two Bibles such as
> the KJV and NIV, and your results would include Bible verses in both
> those translations.
> Parallel Viewing
> Parallel viewing allows you to see two or more texts side by side.  For
> example, you could view two Bible versions of the same verse next to
> each other, or a verse from a specific translation and what a commentary
> has to say about that specific verse.
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