[sword-devel] Thayer's Greek Lexicon - thayer.zip

Simon sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 7 Sep 2003 01:08:59 +0200

Hi Bruce,

> I am interested in developing a tool which would allow a search of the
> Greek NT or OT using the native Greek words rather than by cross linking
> by Strong's number.  I have started trying to make a Greek analysis tool
> to be able to identify all forms of the Greek words in the text. 

Well, sounds nice. I'm very interested...

> A tool
> which would help me in the process is the file that I think I downloaded
> either from BibleTime or the Sword project a few weeks ago,
>  "thayer.zip".  As far as I can tell, that file interoperates with
> BibleTime.  However I cannot find a link to the file on any obvious
> place on the BibleTime or the Sword WEB sites.  Because of this, I have
> a few questions:
> 1)  Is this file still publically available (if it ever was a part of
> the site)?
> 2)  Is this file in process of being revised, and so it is removed
> temporarily?

Due copyright problems the Thayer is no longer available. But, maybe if
you'll ask someone from the list personally (not via the mailinglist) he is
willing to share the module with you.
> 3)  Has there been any previous work in trying to develop a Greek or
> Hebrew grammer analysis tool?

Not as far as I know...

> 4)  The current Greek text that I have looked at from the Sword WEB site
> is unpointed.  Since this makes the grammer analysis less precise, is
> there any plans in the near future to upgrade the Greek text to use
> accents and iota subscripts in the text?

There seems to be one accented Greek text in the Public Domain, I even heard
sometime ago on this list that someone (Anton, anton_kylie@pacific.net.au)
was making a Sword module from it.

In Christ,