[sword-devel] Re: HELP WANTED -- OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE (vb compatibility)

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 23:18:08 -0700

I agree with Lynn's assessment.  I think we should take small steps with 
Wycliffe on this project.  Lynn has built and installer, and if we can 
get something setup to finish the macro registration, though it won't be 
fullproof, it will likely make their users much happy and in a small 
amount of time.

After this, we can talk with them about other, more drastic, improvements.

Thank you for all of your great feedback and work!  Looking forward to 
anyone with VB experience helping Lynn on the registration part, and 
possibly making recommendations or bug fixed to the problems that you've 
reported here, to the VB code.


Lynn Allan wrote:
> I concur with the idea of using VB. Concerning different versions, a key
> decision is whether to support Win95 and/or Win98-FE. Freeware authors do
> themselves a huge favor by assuming the recipient has Win98-SE or *later*
> (not *better*, on the off chance there are any Linux aficianados [sp?] in
> this group).
> We could ask the powers that be at Wycliffe: Would a solution that worked
> "pretty well" be acceptable for your people using Office-97 or later, using
> Win98 second edition or later? Would you rather have that in Dec, 2003, or
> something that worked well for the other 4.72% in late 2004 or early 2005?
> <alert -- mounting pulpit>
> I think we can very quickly do something that solves 80% of the problem.
> With 20% of the effort that a semi-ideal solution would take, they can
> realize 80% of the benefits.  I would speculate they have had a significant
> number of motivated volunteers fall by the way-side due to frustration
> getting EasyEnglish set up. That's bad! We can help! By next week! Not next
> year!
> <all clear -- dismounting pulpit>
> FWIW, my 2 alt-155,
> Lynn
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