[sword-devel] Good news

Daniel Glassey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 9 Oct 2002 15:27:55 +0100

Thanks Steve, Great news!

On 9 Oct 2002 at 6:19, Steve Tang sent forth the message:

> The director of Chinese Christian Internet Mission, www.ccim.org, got in
> touch with me. He was impressed with e-Sword but hit some brick wall with
> its long-term Chinese development. We had a long telephone conversation
> last night & he is very interested in Sword now


> (he tried but didn't get
> any reply from Sword people before - I don't know why since that wasn't my
> experience with Sword.)

Yep, I guess he mailed at a bad time or something. What's curious though is that the 
address on www.ccim.org is Tempe, AZ, same as Troy! Maybe they can meet up sometime.

> He has offers from lots of Chinese material copy-right holders & he's
> searching for a s/w to integrate them together. I think Sword is it &
> we'll be able to reach millions with this.

great :)

> Sword has, IMHO, a great vision and foundation to build on. As it is, I
> don't think anyone else can touch us in textual contents (I'm not sure of
> our direction on multimedia) & our potential to add more.

Random thoughts:
I think a good place to start (once the 1.5.4 CD is closed off) would be to get Chinese 
localisation going. We need the bible book names. For the windows version the menus need 
translated and we need to work on getting unicode menus so that they will hopefully work 
in non-chinese windows.

Also, if anyone knows anyone that has Red Flag linux or Chinese 2000 linux (or any other 
chinese specific linux) it would be great to make specialized packages for bibletime and 
gnomesword for it that include the chinese translations.