[sword-devel] Good news

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Wolfgang G. A. Schmidt sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 9 Oct 2002 17:45:58 +0200

Nin hao, Tang xiansheng!

Blessings and grettings in the name of Jesus.
Unfortunbately, I can't write in Chinese characters here since I cannot use
the appropriate software in this mail.

I am Prof. Dr. Schmidt writing from Germany and I am working in full-time
ministry here. A couple of days ago I downloaded tons of sword software
including the Chinese modules (traditional and simplified character
I have been subsribed to the sword mailing list, this is also why I got your

I will soon go the Far East to work as a missionary among the Chinese
speaking community, a part of my mission being to teach at Theological
Colleges there.

I wonder if you could perhaps advise on any Biblical or Theological
Dictionary in Chinese in a software version that might run under sword on my
Windoiws 98 notebook. I might be able to make good use of it while teahcing
at College level in the Far East.

You are probably aware of the difficulties to translate some key Biblical
terms adequately into Chinese - biblical conceots such as "God" or even
"soul" that have been renedered differently in different Chinese
translations of the Bible (shen vs.  shangdi, tiandi etc.).

Have a great day!
Rev. Muhammad Schmidt, Ph.D.
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> The director of Chinese Christian Internet Mission, www.ccim.org, got in
> touch with me. He was impressed with e-Sword but hit some brick wall with
> its long-term Chinese development. We had a long telephone conversation
> last night & he is very interested in Sword now (he tried but didn't get
> any reply from Sword people before - I don't know why since that wasn't my
> experience with Sword.)
> He has offers from lots of Chinese material copy-right holders & he's
> searching for a s/w to integrate them together. I think Sword is it &
> we'll be able to reach millions with this.
> Sword has, IMHO, a great vision and foundation to build on. As it is, I
> don't think anyone else can touch us in textual contents (I'm not sure of
> our direction on multimedia) & our potential to add more.
> Keep up the good work for Him!
> Steve Tang...